InDigitNess Voice

Sunday, 7 a.m to 8 A.M.

InDigitNess Voice's mission is to entertain, educate, and engage positive perceptions of Native America today.

Hosted by Richard Two-Elk and his children, Alix and Kodid, InDigitNess Voice features traditional and contemporary music while focusing on the current issues, people, news and events of the Native America communities.

Indigitness Voice is all about helping listeners immerse themselves in music by indigenous people,  which goes far beyond just drums and flutes. Drums and flutes are a long-standing part of many Native American music traditions,  but there are so many artists indigenous to North America who create inspiring and passionate contemporary music. Music of all genres by artists of all ages shape our program's sound.

We also enjoy sharing the great things that indigenous people are doing for their communities. The program focuses on music and activities mostly created and facilitated by those people indigenous to North America,  but also includes music by indigenous people from around the world.

We have a heavy focus on contemporary music in varying genres by artists ranging from more well known performers such as Jamie Coon, Grant Lee Phillips,  George Leach, and Samantha Crain; to lesser known artists like Bonnie Couchie, Holly McNarland, and Nick Sherman. We also play music from groups like Federal Lights, Nahko Medicine for the People, and many others. Don't miss out when we also showcase young hip hop artists promoting messages based on their life experiences from artists, MCs, and groups like Lightningcloud, Niiko Soul, Mariame,  Cody Coyote,  and more!