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Vail Jazz Party | Sept. 3-7

The grand finale of both the Vail Jazz Festival and the summer season, the Vail Jazz Party features a jam-packed lineup September 3 through 7. Don't forget to stop by the KUVO table and pick up some free swag! With more than 35 headliners, attendees enjoy group performances, multi-artist jam sessions, and inspiring multimedia tributes to jazz legends. See the full schedule here. Vail Jazz Party 2015 will feature a House Band with John Clayton, Terell Stafford, Wycliffe Gordon, Bill Cunliffe,...
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A Taste of Colorado | Sept. 4-7

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Walter Gorra | 30 Under 30

Flesher-Hinton Music Company

High School/Collegiate Series: East High School Jazz Combo | Sept. 8

Tune in on September 8 at 7 PM to hear a High School/Collegiate Series performance by East High School’s 6th Hour Jazz Combo. This pre-recorded concert from the Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio features 14 students under the direction of saxophonist Keith Oxman. Line-up: CLARINET: Jacob Joram TRUMPET: Amanda Nettles, Aubrey Vial ALTO SAXOPHONE: Alex Kastrul TROMBONE: Collin Metscher, Tom Jackson ELECTRIC GUITAR: Luke Bednarek, Nate Koch BASS: Graham McLagan, Joey Pearlman PIANO: Ashia...
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Kyle Eastwood Band Jazz Dinner Show | Sept. 17; info & text from

Helen Sung Quartet at Dazzle | Sept. 5 & 6

Metropolitan State University of Denver launches the Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry (“D-phi”) in September with a citywide series of events including art exhibits, film screenings, theatrical performances and lectures.  D-phi Director and MSU—Denver Associate Professor of Philosophy Adam Graves shared the big, esoteric picture on "First Take with Lando and Chavis." "Today when we talk about the humanities, it's almost obligatory to talk about the soft skills that one attains for marketability's sake," says Graves.

Crossing Over: "Dreams to Remember" Book Review

Sep 3, 2015

In Dreams to Remember, Mark Ribowsky covers the Otis Redding saga beginning with Redding’s age-fifteen experience singing in the Macon, Ga. clubs with songstress Gladys Williams; moving on to work with showy guitarist Johnny Jenkins; and all-the-while observing the successes of fellow Maconites Little Richard and James Brown.

Soul music was just evolving from the rhythm and blues genre and riding the wave of rock and roll. Otis’ timing was good and his mentors in place, but his life was to be short. This life story is well-researched and documented.

The Better Your Left Hand, the Better the Music will Sound

Sep 3, 2015

New Orleans – that most unique of American cities - has produced some of the greatest and best-known piano players the Jazz and Blues world has ever seen. From Jelly Roll Morton to Fats Domino to Dr. John to Henry Butler, their influence is as widespread as the Mississippi River. Jazz itself was born out of the sporting houses in New Orleans where the piano players played orchestrated music designed to help promote good patronage.

The Vail Jazz Workshop was created in 1996 to assist in the development of exceptionally gifted musicians.  So far 238 young musicians have moved through one of the finest music incubators in the world.  Alto saxophonist, composer and band leader Tia Fuller was at Vail as a teenager, and so was pianist Justin Kauflin.

The four-day-long festival will celebrate the best in cinema from Latin America, Mexico, Europe and the United States, presenting seven feature-length films, three documentaries and one retrospective title.

broxton art

A Denver native, saxophonist Matt Burchard is an award-winning alum of University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music. Matt also holds a masters in jazz studies from the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.

Matt became playing the saxophone at 13. 

NREL helps federal buildings get solar makeovers

Sep 1, 2015

With zero congressional wrangling, President Obama sent down Executive Order 13693, dubbed “Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade,” which mandates that federal agencies get at least 30 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by the year 2025.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo. has the task of guiding building supervisors toward that goal.  Andy Walker, Ph.D., Principal Engineer with NREL’s Integrated Applications Center, joined “First Take with Lando and Chavis” to talk about the massive, fast track program.

"Gee, Baby Ain't I Good To You" | Stories of Standards

Aug 31, 2015

Don Redman composed, “Gee, Baby Ain’t I Good To You” as the roaring twenties drew to a close. 

The first recording, featuring McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, was produced in 1929—just one week after the stock market crash that marked the beginning of the Great Depression.

Andy Razaf’s lyrics reflect the consumer-driven culture of the time, using expensive presents to illustrate the depth of the narrator’s sentiments.



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