In the Studio

KUVO enjoys a constant flow of on-air guests in one of our two studios.

Studio Flo - Musicians and community members are frequently invited on-air for live interviews to talk about upcoming performances or local news. 

Phyllis A Greer Performance Studio - Year-round we are joined by local and international as well as young and seasoned musicians whose performances are broadcasted live.

With a Studio Club membership, you’ll receive a seat for you and a guest in our Phyllis A Greer Performance Studio so we can see all live performances up close in an intimate setting! Learn more here.

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The KUVO High School/Collegiate Series kicked off in 1997 and quickly became an important part of the station’s programming. The goal was always to support young musicians, but the results have been mind-blowing.  Two decades of monthly student broadcasts have been made possible by heroic music directors, dedicated parents, hard-working students, encouraging staff and volunteers, and a host of community underwriters that provide the equipment AND PIZZA to make it all happen!


We're excited to host the Annie Booth Trio with guest saxophonist Steve Treseler in the Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio on Thursday, April 6 - 7pm

Scott Henderson is a guitar player's guitar player and is equally adept playing blues as jazz. He has recorded and toured with Jean-Luc Ponty, Chick Corea's Electric Band and the Zawinul Syndicate. In 1985, together with bassist Garry Willis, formed the band Tribal Tech. Tune in to the Vinyl Vault tonight at 8:30pm we will share side B from their 1986 debut album 1986 Spears, back when fusion still had some interesting musical things to say. Matthew Goldwasser sits in for Geoff Anderson.