Redline  hosts the Five Points Food, Wine & Jazz Fundraiser on Wednesday, September 27 - 5:30 to 8:30pm. The event celebrates the sophisticated history and dazzling future of the Welton Corridor. Listen to live music and indulge in culinary arts from Welton Corridor's finest restaurants. An evening filled with food, wine, and music! Admission is free.

Gentrification.  Denver's highest priced neighborhood.  A legacy of jazz.  Any guesses?  Redline's executive director Louise Martorano visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" to describe her arts organization's summer outreach to the Five Points community.

Guillermo Leon Gomez

This week it is all about play! 

Play Grounds: Redline continues its year long exploration of play.   The new exhibit "Play Grounds" runs June 13 - August 16, featuring contemporary artworks that encourage play.  The indoor exhibition is at RedLine, and there are three interactive installations throughout the city of Denver.  

Be on the look out for those.  And ... in addition to playing with art,  you can make it yourself! 

"Play Grounds" at