Into the Evening

Weekdays, 6 p.m. to 8 P.M.

Join host Rodney Franks for the best in modern and classic jazz, weekdays from 6 to 8 PM!

A strong believer in the Ellington dictum - “There are two kinds of music: good music, and the other kind." - Rodney makes sure to play only the good stuff!

Marcia Ward with The Image Maker

Pictured:  Front Row (from left to right): Jack Nelson, Mallory Angstadt, Gardenia Martinez-Marquez, Josh Lew, David Spritzer. Second Row (from left to right): Tom Mudge, Isaiah Nellum, Andy Wallace. Third Row (from left to right): Keith Oxman, Zander Velleca, Will Flanagan, Mitch Joram, Eddy Rogers.

KUVO will welcome the East High School Jazz Combo (6th Hour) for a live performance in the Phyllis A Greer Performance Studio on January 12 from 7 to 8 PM MT as part of the station's High School/Collegiate Series. 

Regis University Jazz Ensemble

The Regis University Jazz Ensemble will perform live in the Phyllis A Greer Performance Studio November 10 from 7 to 8 PM as part of KUVO's High School/Collegiate Series. 

All Studio Club Members are invited to attend this performance! Reserve a seat for you and a guest by contacting Arvida at

courtesy of the artist

The Bob Montgomery - Al Hermann - Josh Quinlan Sextet will perform live in the Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio October 8 from 6 to 7 PM MT.

In the words of Jazz Music Examiner, this sextet "is a cavalcade of star power and jazz cred anyone can hear throughout this hard-hitting set. Together, they make the perfect jazz group, whether easing into a slow-moving but seductive line in 'Because She Cares' by Bob Montgomery, or finding different lines in Hank Mobley’s rip-roaring 'This I Dig Of You.'”

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The Jason Klobnak Quintet will perform live in the Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio October 7 from 7 to 8 PM MT. 

Klobnak will be joined by Elijah Samuels (tenor saxophone), KUVO 30 Under 30 artist Stephen Thurston (piano), Kim Bird (bass), and KUVO 30 Under 30 artist Paul Mullikin (drums). 

Flesher-Hinton Music Company

Tune in on September 8 at 7 PM to hear a High School/Collegiate Series performance by East High School’s 6th Hour Jazz Combo.

This pre-recorded concert from the Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio features 14 students under the direction of saxophonist Keith Oxman.


CLARINET: Jacob Joram

TRUMPET: Amanda Nettles, Aubrey Vial


TROMBONE: Collin Metscher, Tom Jackson

ELECTRIC GUITAR: Luke Bednarek, Nate Koch