Vinyl Vault features "Cymande" | Feb 6

Feb 1, 2018

This week the Vinyl Vault will feature tracks from the first two albums by the band Cymande. The band originally consisted of nine musicians from the West Indies living in England. Their first album, simply called “Cymande” came out in 1972 on Janus Records. The next, entitled “Second Time Round” was released the following year, also on Janus. The band called their music as Nyah-Rock but was described as a mix of funk, soul, R&B, jazz, rock, reggae, African music and West Indian folk.

The band met with critical and popular success in both the UK and the US. However, they broke up in the mid-70s after recording only three albums. Then, in the 80s and 90s, hip hop artists began to heavily sample their work and they’ve been called one of the most heavily sampled black British bands ever. The band got back together in 2011 for some performances and released a new album in 2015. They still perform, most recently just last weekend at Ronnie Scott’s in London.

Join Geoff Anderson on the Vinyl Vault for some one-of-a-kind, innovative music this Tuesday, February 6 at 8:30pm on KUVO Jazz.