Pascuala Ilabaca & Fauna | Sep 28

Sep 26, 2017

Accordion-wielding Chilean songstress Pascuala Ilabaca is a favorite on the new scene of young Chilean singer-songwriters. Accompanied by her band Fauna, her music is rooted in traditional sounds and effortlessly integrates shades of jazz, pop and rock, and influences gathered in such distant places as India, Mexico and Spain.

Lakewood Cultural Center is thrilled to announce that Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna will open the 2017-2018 Lakewood Cultural Center Presents season at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 28. Accordion-wielding  Ilabaca is a favorite on the new scene of young Chilean singer-songwriters. Her music is rooted in traditional sounds while integrating shades of jazz, pop, and rock influenced by a colorful childhood living in Barcelona, Chile, Mexico and India. Ilabaca and her stellar band, Fauna, replaces the originally scheduled Cristina Pato, who is no longer able to perform on that date.

Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna have performed all over the world, winning audiences from Festival Lollapalooza Chile to the Berlin Philharmonic. In 2010, Ilabaca won the Guitarpin de Oro from the Festival Huaso de Olmué and the Audience Award for Best Chilean Videoclip for "Lamenta la Canela." What sets Ilabaca apart from other Chilean artists is her deeply rooted Indian influences, including the incorporation of a Hindu table and electric guitars into her band. The resulting vibrant, multicultural sound prompted former Chile President Michelle Bachelet to invite her on a tour through India. Ilabaca's colorful stage presence and sweet, powerful voice make for an unforgettable concert experience, one that is not to be missed.

Lakewood Cultural Center presents
Pascuala Ilabaca & Fauna
Thursday, September 28 - 7:30pm
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Pascuala Ilabaca y Fauna