Jazz Appreciation Month - Spotlight Venues & Live Jazz

Apr 9, 2018

While we celebrate all the great live jazz in Colorado these days, we have quite a legacy left on record. Even if you’ve never heard of Sherman’s Coffee House, Turk’s Supper Club or Serf’s, we’ve got the records. We’ve got music from the old Dazzle location and Mighty Fine Studio, and the Kasbah in Aurora.

Live jazz from around Colorado – all day on KUVO Jazz!

Through April, KUVO will be turning up the music and keeping it LIVE! We’ll be playing tracks hourly from these performance spaces, only on KUVO Jazz.

Jazz Appreciation Month (fondly known as "JAM") was created at the Smithsonian Institution / National Museum of American History in 2001 to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz for the entire month of April.

JAM is intended to stimulate and encourage people of all ages to participate in jazz - to study the music, attend concerts, listen to jazz on radio and recordings, read books about jazz, and more.

The Smithsonian has a website with links to posters, resources for students and teachers, a directory of jazz societies, archives to previous years’ performances, articles, blog posts and more! Visit HERE for more info.

Dazzle Jazz, Ninth & Lincoln, Denver
Credit www.facebook.com/DazzleDenver/photos