CM Dance Hot Night - Lee Clark Allen Band | May 19

May 15, 2018

Live Music and slow dancing with Lee Clark Allen Band & Fusion sets from DJs featuring Blues, Fusion, Zouk & more!

Lee Clark Allen tells us a bit about himself: "Born in Little Rock, AR to James Lee Clark and Angela Clarise Allen Clark, I was born and raised on that Motown type of love. Though my parents were music enthusiasts, they were not musicians; Therefore, my siblings and I do not have the luxury of starting out as musicians out of the womb. Yet, due to my mother's sisters sparking religion into my mother, we began to learn of music theory and the playing of instruments in church. I love my siblings; we are all cut from the same fabric, yet we are so different musically. I recall being in the choir eyeing the organist, while my little brother would either be on the drums or as one of the leading solo vocalist. My older brother and baby sister would lead songs as well. Overall, in merging my parents' love for the blues, Soul, and Funk with the gospel tunes that are imprinted into my conscious, that experience became my foundation as a singer-songwriter pianist.

Jazz, classical music, pop, and hip-hop would be absorbed during my undergraduate days at Westminster College, where I would English Creative Writing and Music as a double major undergraduate."

Drop-in dance lesson w/ NYC dance sensation Odysseus Bailer at 8:30pm before showtime at 9pm.

Dazzle@Baur's presents
CM Dance Hot Night - Lee Clark Band
Saturday, May 19 - Dance lesson-8:30 pm, show at 9pm (doors at 7:30pm)
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