Branford Marsalis Quartet | Apr 15

Apr 13, 2018

Jazz Master Branford Marsalis brings his innovative ensemble to the Parker Arts Culture and Events Center and the Fort Collins Lincoln Center in April.

NEA Jazz Master, renowned Grammy Award®‐winning saxophonist and Tony Award® nominee Branford Marsalis is one of the most revered instrumentalists of his time. From his early acclaim as a saxophonist bringing new energy and new audiences to jazz, he has refined and expanded his talents and his horizons as a musician, composer, bandleader and educator. So it is no surprise that The Branford Marsalis Quartet, led by Marsalis himself, is one of the most innovative and forward‐thinking jazz ensembles around today! Known for the telepathic communication among its uncommonly consistent personnel, its deep book of original music replete with expressive melodies and provocative forms, and an unrivaled spirit in both live and recorded performances, the Branford Marsalis Quartet has long been recognized as the standard to which other ensembles of its kind must be measured.

Branford Marsalis’ most current recording with his quartet is Four MFs Playin’ Tunes. On this album, the song takes center stage, with the band members bringing their considerable musical expertise to bear, as they focus on each tune as an important musical entity unto itself and not merely a vehicle for showcasing individual talent. Charles Gans from the Associated Press exclaims, “Saxophonist Marsalis leads one of the most cohesive, intense small jazz ensembles on the scene today…. This album shows that Marsalis' quartet hasn't skipped a beat with the change in the drummer's chair, effortlessly playing often complex original tunes that are thoroughly modern while referencing past jazz masters.”


The Brandford Marsalis Quartet is performing at:
The Parker Arts Culture and Events Center
Sunday, April 15 - 7:30pm
Learn more and purchase tickets at PACE Center

The Fort Collins Lincoln Center
April 18 - 7:30pm
Learn more and purchase tickets at The Lincoln Center


The Branford Marsalis Quartet