Geoff Anderson

Host, Tuesday's Night Beat and Substitute Host, All Blues

Geoff Anderson has been a KUVO volunteer for more than 25 years. For almost all that time, he has been on the air Tuesday evenings as the host of The Night Beat with Geoff Anderson. Geoff also regularly fills in as the host for All Blues.

Geoff started in public radio in 1976 at KCSU in Fort Collins. After taking a break from radio to attend law school and start a legal career, Geoff dove back into jazz radio by volunteering at KUVO in 1988 as the station was just starting out.

Geoff is a fan of many types of music and attends concerts around town on a regular basis. He show reviews appear on KUVO's website as well as All About Jazz. Being a music junkie and working in radio during the '70s resulted in Geoff amassing an extensive record collection that he has kept intact to this day.

During his weekly feature, "The Vinyl Vault," on-air every Tuesday at 8:30 PM, Geoff shares a record from his collection that isn't in the KUVO library.

In his spare time, Geoff is a real estate attorney at Sweetbaum, Levin & Sands, PC .

Geoff Anderson

In 1979, the Dixie Dregs came to my hometown, shortly after the release of their album Night of the Living Dregs (Capricorn, 1979). They were the opening act for Pure Prairie League, a country rock band. The Dixie Dregs’ set was a spectacle. Their smoke generators worked overtime, several flash-explosions punctuated the set. At one point, at the pinnacle of the frenzy, the bass player picked up a long neck beer bottle from atop an amplifier and smashed it over his bald head. Of course it was a prop, but it made for several micro-seconds of horror.

This week, the Vinyl Vault gets deep into the blues with a 1970 album from British blues band Savoy Brown entitled “Raw Sienna.” The album was the last Savoy Brown album to feature lead vocalist Chris Yolden, who left the band shortly after this album was recorded. “Raw Sienna” saw Savoy Brown incorporating jazz elements into their sound, but still retaining a solid blues foundation. Join Geoff Anderson and check out “Raw Sienna” Tuesday, April 24 at 8:30 on KUVO Jazz.

This week’s Vinyl Vault will feature "Fluid Rustle" a 1979 ECM release from bassist Eberhard Weber. The album is notable, among other reasons, because it was the major label debut of Denver’s own Bill Frisell. Frisell appears not only on guitar but balalaika as well. Gary Burton appears on vibes and marimba. Norma Winstone and Bonnie Herman provide wordless vocals and round out the ensemble. Described as atmospheric, haunting, gorgeous and infinitely soothing, the album progresses through many mood swings and features some great playing by the entire cast.

This week, it’s a Vinyl Vault favorite with the Widespread Depression Orchestra and their 1981 album “Time to Jump and Shout.” This nine piece band specialized in reviving music from the 1930s and 40s, often taking songs popularized by big bands and rearranging them for their smaller, yet powerful ensemble. The band featured Mike LeDonne on piano. LeDonne later switched to organ and has enjoyed a successful recording and performing career. Check out the Widespread Depression Orchestra Tuesday at 8:30 on KUVO Jazz. It swings!

Vinyl Vault: "Stuff"

Mar 12, 2018

The featured record on the Vinyl Vault this week will be the first album from the band Stuff. Simply entitled “Stuff,” the album was released in 1976 on Warner Brothers Records. The band consisted of many top flight studio musicians including Cornell Dupree and Eric Gale on guitars, Steve Gadd on drums, Richard Tee on keyboards, Gordon Edwards on bass and Christopher Parker on drums. Their sound was quite similar to the Crusaders’ sound of that era. Check out Stuff on the Vinyl Vault with Geoff Anderson, Tuesday, March 13 at 8:30pm on KUVO Jazz.