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On Sunday, 11-year-old Michael “Mickey” Espinoza was hit and killed by a hit-and-run driver while crossing the street at Federal Boulevard and West Colfax Avenue.

The trumpet maker and the musician

Feb 11, 2014

From Arts District on Rocky Mountain PBS: Take a journey into the Denver workshop of Jason Harrelson, a master of trumpet creation, as he describes the magic of where science meets sound. Then discover how Harrelson's custom-designed trumpets create a whole new sound for local musician Joshua Trinidad.

Joe Mahoney/I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS

The federal farm bill had come to symbolize the very depths of dysfunction in the nation's Capitol. The bill with a little something for everyone had ranked right up there with motherhood and apple pie in many sessions past. But this bitterly-divided Congress couldn't even pass the farm bill - for three years.

That changed last week when the Senate and the House finally agreed on a $956 billion bill with a little something for everyone, although, in some cases, a little something less.

The 10 most expensive markets in the United States to buy a so-called "silver" health insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act include some widely-disparate communities, but the news isn't good for residents of Colorado ski counties.

LatinasRepresent, a new grassroots political movement that will seek to build the numbers of Latinas holding elective office, will hold its first Colorado organizational meeting today to set a course and tone for what is being billed as an extended, nationwide campaign.

A joint undertaking by the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda and the organization Political Parity, LatinasRepresents stresses the fundamental disparity in the numbers of those holding elective office.