KUVO programming highlights!

On Stage: The Jazz Trio

Mar 28, 2018

The jazz trio is one of the easiest combos to arrange, and everybody gets to solo! On Sunday, April 8 at 4pm, KUVO’s archive show “On Stage” takes a loving listen to jazz trios who have played recently on KUVO Jazz.

2017 was a good year for trios. A quick review: The Ben Markley Trio, the Ellyn Rucker Trio, the Katie Thiroux Trio, the Mayhem Trio. And those trios represent a wide spectrum of jazz. Just three players are enough to stablish your sound. But with accomplished musicians, the musical statement can be more than the sum of its parts.

It's Jazz Appreciation Month!

Mar 28, 2018

Sure, KUVO appreciates and celebrates jazz every day. But since the Smithsonian Institution designated April as “Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM),” we’re happy to make this month an occasion to raise the flag a little higher, and shine a little extra light on the jazz art form.

Tune in  to the Nightside with Andy O' for the second annual "Easter Guitar Pull" on Sunday, April 1 from 8pm to midnight. The "guitar" has played an important role in Jazz throughout its history and culture.

You'll enjoy listening to music from Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt to Julian Lage and Lionel Loueke with stops along the way to hear the Poetry and Song lyrics that characterize The Nightside.

It’s Springtime and that special time of year again, it’s time for the annual R&B Jukebox Gospel Show!

R&B is deeply rooted in music from the gospel and spiritual traditions.  And every year, on the night before Easter,  we celebrate that sound on the R&B Jukebox Gospel show.

It’s familiar R&B artists like BB King, Sam Cooke, and Solomon Burke, with some of gospel music’s greatest artists.  And it all sounds like Rhythm and Blues!

Join Rolando Garcia this Saturday at 6pm for the annual R&B Jukebox Gospel Show.


In addition to being Jazz Appreciation Month, April is also National Poetry Month. On Sunday, April 1 at 4pm, “On Stage” marks that eternally cool mash-up of artistic expression with a few jazz poetry sessions captured at KUVO with Lou Malandra!