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High Note Records

Among the living jazz musicians and followers, very few names in jazz command as much respect as Benny Golson. He is a gifted saxophonist adept at playing swing, bop, ballads or progressive jazz. He is also a noted arranger and an amazing composer with at least 6 entries into the jazz standards canon and a dozen other important compositions. He began his professional career after WW2 while still a senior in high school in his home town of Philadelphia. Mr.

Steve Barta Music

In 1975 pianist and composer Claude Bolling turned the music world on its collective ear when he released Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano.


We start off sweet 2016 with a superb effort by the veteran band leaders, guitarist Dave Stryker and alto saxophonist Steve Slagle who for their latest recording expand their band by adding a few guest horn players. The Stryker/Slagle Band Expanded Routes album is on Dave Stryker’s own Strikezone Records.

Blue Note Records/EMI

We close out 2015 with a CD that not only has great music, but is an album with a mission. We all know that the once great city of Detroit has been facing some very tough times over the past 20 years due to many factors.

Linda Caffey

As we begin the last month of the Fall, it pleases me to have selected a swingin’ jazz orchestra whose players are amongst the best musicians, and in some cases, educators the Front Range has to offer.

The composer, arranger and conductor of this aggregation is the award winning, and educator David Caffey who is now a resident of Greely.