Vinyl Vault

Vinyl Vault: Jean Luc Ponty - "Individual Choices"

Jun 3, 2017

French violinist Jean Luc Ponty comes through Colorado next week, so this Tuesday, we’ll hear some tunes from his 1983 album, “Individual Choice.” The album marks a bit of a departure from Ponty’s previous sound in that he performs many of the tunes on the album either by himself or with sparse accompaniment. And, in addition to violin, he relies heavily on synthesizer work. When he does invite others to play, he selects some of the best: George Duke on keyboards, Allan Holdsworth on guitar, Rayford Griffin on drums and Randy Jackson on bass.

The Dixie Dregs were primarily classified as a jazz-fusion band, but their musical influences went far beyond a blend of jazz and rock. Folk, country and even classical elements were an important part of their musical milieu. The Vinyl Vault will feature a number of tracks from what many consider their finest album, 1978’s “What If.” Led by guitarist Steve Morse, the album features impeccable and virtuosic playing throughout. The Vinyl Vault hosted by Geoff Anderson on The Night Beat, Tuesday, May 30 at 8:30pm on KUVO 89.3 /

This week on the Vinyl Vault, it’s a 1976 album from drummer Chico Hamilton simply entitled “Chico Hamilton and the Players.” Indeed, this Blue Note album features some great players including Black Arthur Blythe on alto and soprano saxophones, Steve Turre on electric bass and bass trombone, percussionist Abdullah, Will Connell, Jr. on alto sax and a 19-year-old Rodney Jones on guitar. Turre, Jones and Blythe, of course, went on to successful solo careers. This album showcases their talents from a time before they became leaders.

The Vinyl Vault will feature a 1979 album from Ian Carr’s Nucleus entitled, “Out of the Long Dark.” British trumpeter Ian Carr was a leader in a number of movements in the 50s, 60s and 70s including being a bebop pioneer in his youth, a collaborator with Eric Burdon and John McLaughlin in R n B, a proponent of free jazz and a leader in British fusion with his band Nucleus. Carr, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 75, was also interested in the written word, being a co-editor of the Rough Guide to Jazz. He also wrote biographies of Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett.

As part of KUVO’s celebration of the centennial of Ella Fitzgerald’s birth, the Vinyl Vault will feature “Ella in Rome; The Birthday Concert.” Recorded on April 25, 1958, it wasn’t released until 1988, shortly after the tapes were discovered in Verve’s vaults. At the time of its release, it was thought that the recording was made on Ella’s 40th birthday, but of course, she had turned 41 that day. No matter, she and her band swing!