Union Station

Denver never had "projects" the way they were built in the East and Midwest (think Chicago's infamous Cabrini Green).  But even more recently, in the 1990s, city leaders wanted something altogether different.

Union Station opens: "a rider experience"

May 13, 2014
George Peck / KUVO

Before it closed permanently over the weekend, Denver's Market Street Station was at capacity.  But the mass transit passenger load is still growing through downtown Denver.  Everything came together at the right time to build an entirely new transit hub at Union Station.  "We're trying to enhance the rider experience," said Phil Washington, general manager of the Regional Transportation District.  The new underground concourse was gleaming.

George Peck / KUVO

At the grand opening of the Union Station Transit Center in Denver, former mayor Federico Pena visited the live KUVO broadcast booth.  "Now we're seeing the results of the hard work of thousands of entrepreneurs, citizens and risk-takers who believe in the vision," said Pena, who served as mayor of Denver from 1983 to 1991.  He was elected on the slogan "Imagine a Great City."