Salsa Con Jazz

Every Sunday, KUVO plays Indigitness Voices, La Nueva Voz, The Gospel Train, Cancion Mexicana, Afro Pop, JazzSet, Salsa Con Jazz, Brazilian Fantasy, and The Nightside.  Thank you making Sundays with part of your tradition. Support the music today with your contribution.. The number to call is sure to ask about the 2016 T-shirt, longsleeve T-shirt, and hoodie with Sonny Rollins! 

Though this program has been renamed a few times throughout the years, Salsa Con Jazz has been a part of KUVO for the station's entire nearly 30-year history .

Salsa can Jazz has always provided salsa, mambo and cha cha dancers, as well as Latin Jazz aficionados, a unique program for Colorado and the nation.

Salsa con Jazz: Jimmy Trujillo

May 22, 2014

Jimmy Trujillo is a veteran bass player with over 30 years experience playing Latin jazz and salsa, this assures you that every Sunday from 4 til 6pm he'll play the finest Latin music. He'll share roots music, folkloric sounds, classic salsa, groovin' Latin jazz, Cuban music and a whole lot more for your listening and dancing pleasure. You can check out Jimmy's playlist here:

Tune in Sunday, March 30 at 4pm, as Arturo Gómez sits in for Jimmy Trujillo on Salsa con Jazz. Arturo will be featuring birthdays salutes to seminal Cuban trumpeters, Felix Chappotin and Alfredo “Chocolate” Armenteros who in the 1940s and 50s, collectively and individually,  laid down the foundation for contemporary  Latin music trumpet players.  Furthermore, there will be the fresh sounds of new releases, roots music and classic sounds of salsa.  

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Feb 4, 2014

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