Romeo & Juliet

Ballet Review: Romeo and Juliet

Feb 23, 2018
Photo Courtesy of Mike Watson via Colorado Drama

The dramatic arc of the most famous love story in the Western literary canon is well known even to those who are not well-versed in literature and drama, but there is still much to learn from this work even for the literati, as we see in the Colorado Ballet's brilliantly choreographed (Derek Deane) and staged (Ivan Gil-Ortega and Ugo Ranieri) production.

University of Northern Colorado-Greely

Colorado’s Front Range, from Fort Collins to Colorado Spring is fortunate to have an abundance of marvelous jazz musicians and an amazing array of jazz education programs with highly qualified instructors. One of the brightest spots on the map is the University of Northern Colorado at Greely which boasts an excellent faculty and talented students. Their annual jazz festival brings some of the most prestigious names of jazz to conduct workshops and play alongside the students and faculty musicians.