Your support of KUVO/KVJZ is literally what makes the station possible. Well over 90% of our operating budget is provided by the generous donations of our listener members.

Thanks to You, We Reached Our Goal!

Feb 15, 2018

We did it. Thanks to every single person who called in,  sent their gift in the mail, or gave through the website, we reached our pledge drive goal of $130,000. This goes to prove that every single dollar raised makes a difference. We couldn't ask for a more dedicated base of listeners, members, volunteers, and friends. We thank you for continuing to support the music and being part of this great community.

Help Us Reach Our Goal Before the Pledge Drive Begins!

Feb 1, 2018

Pledge Now! 

Here at KUVO, we’re all in. What that means to us is that we’re dedicated to bringing you the best music and connection to the community. 

Are you all in for KUVO? Our Winter Pledge Drive will begin on Feb. 15, but if you make a contribution today, it will count toward our $130,000 goal. As soon as we reach the goal, the drive will be over and we'll get back to all music all the time!

Welcome to Gift Giving Days!

Nov 29, 2017

Welcome to KUVO's Gift Giving Days! We want you to have a very KUVO holiday...we have great incentives for you when you make your  end of year contribution! Choose from a myriad of CDs and CD sets and event tickets to musicals, concerts, dance concerts and more!


Nov 28, 2017

Today is the final day of KUVO's Gift Giving Days...and we need your support. Any gift at any level will help us reach an important goal and puts you automatically into today's grand prize drawing. You’ve listened to KUVO for hundreds of hours this year and your financial support now will keep KUVO strong in the coming year. Call 800-574-5886 or give online here. Here's to a very KUVO Holidays filled with music for you and your family!

Give a Gift Today. Call 800-574-5886. It's a Very KUVO Holiday with you!