Night Train

Peter Sommer

Our November CD of the Month selection is by one of the Front Range’s most formidable aggregations led by educator and superb saxophonist Peter Sommer. For us in Colorado the title of the album, Happy-Go-Lucky-Locals rings true as the Peter Sommer Septet are a local ensemble featuring seven of our best players.

"Night Train" | Stories of Standards

Oct 31, 2016

“Night Train” by Jimmy Forrest (recorded in 1951, released in 1952) has an extended and unusual history. Beginning in 1940, perhaps, with alto saxophonist Johnny Hodges (Duke Ellington’s most-featured soloist for more than 40 years), the seminal version seems to have been “That’s the Blues, Old Man”. This later was extended in Duke Ellington’s 1946 release of "Happy Go Lucky Local", featuring an extended original tenor saxophone solo by Jimmy Forrest.