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KUVO is delighted to host The Denver Jazz Club Youth All-Stars in the Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio on Tuesday, June 12 at 7 pm with host Geoff Anderson. The Denver Jazz Club Youth All-Stars, composed of Denver metro musicians from ten various middle and high schools, has been in existence since October 2009. The main sponsor of the All-Stars is the Denver Jazz Club.

DAZZLE JAZZ presents Eric Gunnison and Mike Abbott: An Intimate Tribute to Bill Evans and Jim Hall on Tuesday, February, 9 - 7pm.


This intimate duo performance will feature Evans and Hall's lush gems Waltz For Debby and All Across The City, as well as beloved standards.  The duo concept is a rare chance for these players to explore harmony and rhythm outside of the confines of a trio or quartet format.; info and text from

The Chicano Music Festival showcases the rich diversity of Chicano music, including rancheras, calypso, cumbias, traditional ballads, waltzes and polkas – the textured and powerful sounds of folk trios – Chicano rock ensembles and mariachis.

A celebration of music, art and culture, this year marks Su Teatro Cultural and Performing Arts Center's 19th annual Chicano Music Festival.; text and information from

Evergreen Jazz Festival will offer more than 75 hours of live traditional jazz  including Dixieland, ragtime, blues, boogie-woogie, and swing. 

The New Black Eagle Jazz Band from Byfield, Massachusetts will bring its big New Orleans sound to new heights in Evergreen, while the Lost Weekend Western Swing Band will drop in from San Francisco.