Levitt Pavilion Denver

War & Tower of Power at Levitt Pavilion | Aug 4

Jul 20, 2018

WAR & Tower of Power with special guest Megan Burtt on Saturday, August 4 at Levitt Pavilion - Doors at 5pm | Show at 6pm | All Ages. This event is rain or shine. WAR and Tower of Power, two iconic bands that helped shape 70’s soul, will come together to co-headline for a night of incredible music.

Sotomayor & Don Chicharron | July 20

Jul 15, 2018

Sotomayor is the Latin American electronic music project of the brothers Raúl and Paulina Sotomayor. It is a project of dance music that rescues Andean, cumbia, and Afro-beat rhythms and blends them with avant-garde betas.

Don Chicharron: “We are a band of jungle music warlords. Our sound is rooted in traditional Peruvian cumbia pop and psychedelia. Let's dance.”

Incendio & El Javi | July 15

Jul 10, 2018

Incendio, simply put, is instrumental world music. The primary “voice” of the band is the guitar, but to say the music of Incendio is solely guitar music would be an oversimplification. The guitar is certainly present, but other instruments such as the mandolin, bouzouki, violin, Celtic harp, piano, bass, synthesizer and various ethnic percussion instruments play a huge role in the ensemble’s sound.

Brownout & Money Chicha | July 1

Jun 28, 2018

A 9-piece outfit formed fifteen years ago by members of Grammy Award-winning Latin revival orchestra Grupo Fantasma, Brownout has evolved into a musical force all its own. After garnering their third Austin Music Award last year, the band has continued to produce music that is unflinchingly progressive, while evoking the classic influences of artists such as WAR, Cymande, and Funkadelic. While regularly touring the U.S., Brownout has also served as a highly in-demand backing band for artists including Prince, Daniel Johnston, GZA and Bernie Worrell.

Celso Pina with iZcalli | June 29

Jun 24, 2018

Celso Piña is a pioneer in the mixture and fusion of tropical sounds with many of his works having elements of musica norteña, sonidero, ska, reggae, rap/hip-hop, R&B, etc. Piña is also known as Alfredo Gutierrez El Rebelde del acordeón or the Cacique de la Campana.

Celso has done several successful international tours that included countries as Germany, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Canada and the United States.