Jazz Appreciation Month

Good morning - here's your Wednesday trivia for Jazz Appreciation Month -
In 1935, 19 year old Billy Strayhorn wrote his first full-scale musical show "Fantastic Rhythm". It ran in the Pittsburgh area until 1938 and helped to kickoff the careers of two budding jazz musicians (one vocalist and one pianist). Who were they?
As always, you have until 11:59pm today, 4/24/14 to submit your answer. You may submit it in the comments box below or on our Facebook page. All correct answers are eligible to win a CD from KUVO.

JAM Trivia Tuesday

Apr 21, 2014

Tuesday Trivia for Jazz Appreciation Month - 

Which non-Swiss piano player was discovered in Zurich by another non-Swiss piano player? 

Post your answer below or on our Facebook page. All correct answers posted by 11:59pm on 4/22/14 are eligible to win a CD from KUVO.

Tom Gershwin Duo, featuring Perry Smith

Apr 21, 2014

  At KUVO, we are celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month with live music!

Tune in on Wednesday, April 23 at 5pm for trumpeter Tom Gershwin, as he explores the broad range of classic jazz in his duo project. Featuring guitarist Perry Smith, the duo performs intimate ballads, jovial swing tunes, and bebop.

Spring Trivia!

Apr 21, 2014

The weekend weather in Denver inspired today's Jazz Appreciation Month trivia question.

Name a jazz song about "spring". It could be in the title, tune could be about a spring month, could have a composer with a spring-ish name. Be creative! Convince us! I wonder how many we can think of?

Monday special - ALL entries are eligible to win a CD from KUVO. Post your response below or on our Facebook page before 11:59pm on 4/21/14.

He wore a kilt-

Apr 19, 2014

For Saturday's Trivia question: this one is kind of obscure.

Which jazz musician took part in the St.Patrick's Day parade, wearing kilt and playing the bagpipes, for 6 consecutive years?

Responses must be posted by 11:59pm on 4/19/14. All correct answers are eligible to receive a CD from KUVO.