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Jazz Odyssey with Matt Seres

Nov 27, 2016

Jazz Odyssey with Matt Seres on Mondays from 10pm to Midnight.

The New sounds of jazz from the past and future. Brand new music every night.

A radio show bringing you the next directions in jazz... You decide if they will be THE next direction but jazz ever strives forward and mutates as it goes and KUVO is aware of that and so has given ears to the distant thunder of new sounds.


The Night Beat with Dan Feinberg

Nov 10, 2016

Thursday nights from 8 to 10pm are all about continuous great jazz music, whether it be the classics, new releases or something in-between!

Dan enjoys sharing his love of  longer tracks and deeper cuts, featuring everyone from Airto to Zawinul. You never know what Dan is going to share next!

The Night Beat with Doug Crane

Nov 9, 2016
photo: MaryLynn Gillaspie Photography

Doug has been with KUVO since January 1992 when he hosted the 11pm-2am Saturday evening/Sunday morning shift. In 1993 he started hosting the Wednesday evening edition of  The Night Beat from 8 to 10pm.

Doug received his degree in music from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) and was a trombonist with the award-winning BGSU Jazz Lab Band. His classmates included trumpeter Tim Hagans, saxophonist Richie Perry and bassist Tom Warrington. more


The Night Beat with Michael Wulfsohn

Nov 7, 2016

Monday evenings at 8pm are laid-back as host Michael Wulfsohn shares bluesy jazz that leans toward the attitude of the 70's, when you could find almost any artist stretching their boundaries.