Imagine 2020

Denver Arts & Venues has a new project to revitalize neighborhoods through the arts.  It’s called “P.S. You Are Here.” Lisa Gedgaudas tells First Take the City of Denver hopes the pilot initiative will cultivate collaborative, community-driven, outdoor projects in Denver’s public spaces.

The proposal submission deadline is May 30, 2014.

official P.S. You Are Here website

Music on this feature by Plas Johnson with Ray Brown and Herb Ellis, "Parking Lot Blues," from the CD The Blues.

  It's been 25 years since Denver released a cultural development plan. Now city officials are closing in on the final steps of a new plan, called Imagine 2020. As KUVO's Carrie Saldo reports, there's still time for feedback on what the public imagines the city's artistic scene will look like in years to come. Guest on this report is Executive Director of Denver Arts& Venues, Kent Rice. 

To find out more, and add your comments, here's the website for Imagine 2020. The deadline for public comment is November 22, 2103.