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Conversación Contacto: Penitentes | Aug 14

Aug 11, 2017

Dr. Antonio Esquibel, Rick Vigil, and Manuel Salazar tell the story of the Penitentes of Southern Colorado with their unique view from inside the brotherhood. “Spirituality and Its People””El Valle de San Luis", a video from the Encuentro of the Penitentes of San Antonio, Colorado will be screened, along with singing of an Alabado, followed by a brief Q&A. 


Courtesy History Colorado

History Colorado  Center's exhibit "Race: Are We So Different?" shatters the idea that racial identity is born from genetic makeup. It focuses on the social construct of race as a tool that certain groups have used to build wealth on the backs of others.

Happy Colorado Day!  Everything finally came together on August 1, 1876 to make Colorado "The Centennial State," but there were bumps in the road.  Colorado State Historian William Convery visited First Take with the story.

"Abraham Lincoln invited us to become a state in 1864, but different statehood efforts failed over time," said Convery.  "We had the Sand Creek Massacre, and Congress and the President felt we weren't quite ready to become a state.  In 1865 African-Americans in Colorado objected to statehood because our state constitution disenfranchised black people. "