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(Post updated Jan. 4, 2016) 

The Colorado Independent editor Susan Greene joined First Take with Lando and Chavis to talk about her story featuring the family of Clarence Moses-EL, a wrongfully convicted man who was recently released. 

Denver never had "projects" the way they were built in the East and Midwest (think Chicago's infamous Cabrini Green).  But even more recently, in the 1990s, city leaders wanted something altogether different.

“The Shadow of Your Smile” | Stories of Standards

Dec 23, 2015

“The Shadow of Your Smile” - composed by Johnny Mandel with lyrics by Paul Francis Webster -  debuted in the 1965 drama film, “The Sandpiper”, where the song and variations thereof served as the soundtrack.

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The Sam Sandos Christmas Dinner Basket Program  has been making memorable holidays for more than three decades.  The legendary West Denver city councilman began a legacy that endures today, and it's carried on by the current District 3 Councilman, Paul Lopez.

"Back in the 1970s, Councilman Sandos, Joe Lucero and a bunch of folks from the neighborhood delivered Christmas meals from the back of a pickup truck."

Goshawks, spiders, a storyteller and a girl named Alia populate the latest story around the bright red Christmas flower known as the poinsettia.  But  Colorado-based author Patricia Ann Reid mined her tale from ancient Mexican myth and history to write "The Magical Red Flower - An Aztec Legend" (2013, Witch's Corner, Golden, CO ).  Illustrator is Daniel Luna.  Reid visited KUVO to read from her book.