First Take

Eats & Beats
1:42 pm
Wed March 11, 2015

Eats & Beats: Cart-Driver simple

Cart-Driver bar snacks L-R: pickles from The Real Dill, kimchi, roasted nuts, house-marinated olives.
Credit Lindsey Koehler,

Accolades keep rolling in for one of the new, smaller eateries.  Chef Kelly Whitaker of Cart-Driver (and Boulder's Basta) sat down with Steve Chavis and Arturo Gomez to show off some of his simple culinary magic for the Wednesday food feature on the KUVO morning show, called "Eats and Beats."

"Our menu is divided into two places: pizza and etcetera.  Your oyster, your toast program, your mortadella hotdog, and gelato - everything else fits in that last category.  Our menu's pretty short and sweet."

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Jazz on Film
12:43 pm
Tue March 10, 2015

Jazz on Film: A Studio Romantic, Arif Mardin

From the 1950s to the 1980s Atlantic Records turned out the freshest, most cutting edge and soulful records in Jazz, R & B, Rock and Roll, and Pop music. The brain trust of the brothers Ahmet and Neshui Ertegun along with producer Jerry Wexler and engineer Tom Dowd cranked out one classic record after another, hit after hit and made the label Atlantic synonymous with taste and class in their relationships with the artists. Arif Mardin was the fifth member of that group and is the least well-known but no less influential.

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Stories of Standards
10:04 am
Tue March 10, 2015

Antonio Carlos Jobim's "Corcovado" | Stories of Standards

In 1960 Brazilian songwriter, pianist, guitarist and vocalist Antonio Carlos Jobim composed the bossa nova hit “Corcovado” (“Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars”).

The Portuguese title refers to the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Renown for his gentle bossa novas, Jobim's music focuses on the tender, romantic side of jazz. Jobim's compositions illustrate the Brazilian concept of "saudade," a happy-sadness evolving into sad-happiness.

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12:25 pm
Mon March 9, 2015

Mass Transit Momentum in Denver, Across U.S.


Mass transit is on the rebound, according to new figures from the American Public Transportation Association.  Art Guzzetti, APTA vice-president of Policy and Research told "First Take with Lando and Chavis" that Americans' 10.8 billion trips on public transportation in 2014 was the highest annual ridership number in 58 years.

"You have to go back before the big road-building era - 1956 - to see that number," said Guzzetti.  "And this is in the context of gas prices that were significantly lower than a year ago in the fourth quarter."  

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2:40 pm
Fri March 6, 2015

Boulder Police invite citizen oversight


Police departments nationwide are dealing with community fallout from the often fatal shootings of unarmed (often black) men.  In the college town of Boulder, Colo., the police department has had Boulder residents participate in its Professional Standards Review Panel, a 20-year old program that puts citizens in the room when allegations against officers are handled.  Sgt. Pat Wyton told "First Take with Lando and Chavis" about current openings on the panel.

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