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Watercourse Foods
3:47 pm
Wed October 23, 2013

Vegetarian "comfort" fare at Watercourse Foods

For 16 years, Watercourse Foods has been a destination for meat-free tastes, and the place to satisfy meat-eating friends and relatives with 100% vegetarian "comfort" food. General Manager Chadwick Breithaupt visited First Take to tell the story., 837 E. 17th Avenue (at Emerson), Denver, CO 80218. 

(Music on this feature by Chembo Corniel, "Rejuvenate," from the CD For The Rest Of Your Life, and Danny Barker, the title track from the CD Save The Bones.)

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12:01 pm
Mon October 14, 2013

Craft Beer icon Charlie Papazian at 2013 GABF

One of the founders of the craft beer movement Charlie Papazian shared his thoughts on the evolution of the movement at the Great American Beer Festival media luncheon in Denver, Colo. on Oct. 11, 2013. Here's the audio recording of his remarks, complete and uncut. He describes the task of explaining craft beer to people in the early days, the migration of marketing from price point to brand, to today's plethora of styles and flavors. Here's to the conversation! Cheers! Brewers Association website

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2:47 pm
Wed September 25, 2013

Little Man Ice Cream, A Sweet Mission

Since opening in 2008, Little Man Ice Cream has served more than 824,000 scoops of ice cream. They are counting because for each scoop, they're buying a scoop of rice or beans for the developing world. The program is called "Scoop for Scoop." 

Reason #2 to like this place - they are housed in a 30-foot milk jug in Denver's Highlands neighborhood (2620 16th Street, on the west side of I-25, right under the big Olinger Mortuaries neon sign).


Reason #3 - the ice cream creations, and many are dairy free.

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The cool art and science of ice
10:47 am
Wed September 18, 2013

The cool art and science of ice

We'll admit we had the idea back during the 90-degree days, but since American beverage tastes favor ice, we thought, why not? Manager of the Denver Reddy Ice operation Sean Corey gave First Take a tour of their operation. 

Although the main "ice season" is Memorial Day through Labor Day, emergencies often raise the demand. Reddy Ice donated literally tons of ice to firefighters, and when the power goes out, as it did during the September floods, ice is on the "gotta have" list.


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