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Bringing Music to Life

Feb 18, 2018

Learning to play an instrument can have a profound, positive impact on a child, teaching valuable life skills and boosting confidence and self-esteem. And that instrument you have at home can help make it happen.

From March 5th through the 17th, Bringing Music to Life will hold the 2018 Instrument Drive, collecting donations of gently-used band and orchestra instruments that will be repaired and awarded to deserving music programs throughout the state.

Donate Your Gently Used Instruments | Mar 13-25

Mar 15, 2017

Bringing Music to Life is a Colorado charity that provides instruments to Title-One Colorado schools that have underfunded music education programs.

The 2017 instrument drive is set for March 13-25.

Here are some of Bringing Music to Life's Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I donate my instrument? 
You can drop it off at one of the 15 state-wide locations.