Cafe Brazil

All it takes is a change of seasons for Chef Tony Zarlenga and sommelier Carolyn Joy to bring out their best! On the May Wine and Food Pairing, Chef Tony from Café Brazil brought in his Argentinian Spring Lamb with fresh herb chimichurri salsa.  Paired with it, Carolyn Joy from Joy Wine and Spirits brought in a new Rosé, La Mascaronne "Quat 'saisons."

Check out the audio below for the secrets of Chef Tony’s “mint bath” in his marinade. And Carolyn Joy presents a deep dive into the renewed popularity of the rosé on restaurant menus.

Live at the Vineyards: The People’s Choice

Aug 15, 2017

You ate…you enjoyed…and you voted…and the winner is…Café Brazil!, who served up a Feijao Bowl, which was a slow braised marinated brisket of beef with red beans, topped with a sweet Cherub tomato, Pasilla chile salsa, sharp cheddar and Italian parsley, served over rice. Congratulations!

Café Brazil returns to Live at the Vineyards

Jul 22, 2017

Café Brazil, a South American cuisine restaurant that offers foods from Bahia in Northern Brazil, and the coast of Columbia. At KUVO’s Live at the Vineyards, chefs Tony, Mauricio and Marla will serve up the Feijao Bowl, a slow braised marinated brisket of beef with red beans, topped with a sweet Cherub tomato. A Pasilla chile salsa, sharp cheddar, and Italian parsley served stew style over rice. A marriage of freshness and flavor, and its Gluten Free.

  Buttermilk Marinated Bone in Veal Chop, served over fresh field greens with a sweet and hot red beet, ginger and lime glaze.

Chef Tony's notes: For the home kitchen we always try to bring to you a dish which can be easily executed without to much complication. The  more complicated dishes tend to be reserved for the restauraunt kitchen. This is a great Holiday flavored dish with exquisite flavor and a colorful and impressive presentation.