Brazilian Music

Coração Brazilian Quartet | Thursdays at Nocturne

May 1, 2018

The Coração Brazilian Quartet is Eric Gunnison on piano, Bill Kopper on guitar, Bill McCrossen on bass, and Raoul Rossiter on drums and percussion.

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The Grammy-winning pianist and vocalist returns to Vail with a musical program celebrating the intoxicating, high-energy Brazilian rhythm called samba. Elias is known for her distinctive and immediately recognizable musical style which blends her Brazilian roots, her sensuous, alluring voice with her impressive instrumental jazz, classical and compositional skills.

Diego Figueiredo is a new star of the guitar world. He is only 35, and he has release 23 Cds, 3 DVDs, and he has playing in more than 60 contries around the world. He is winner of several important competitions like Montreux Jazz Competition, VISA Prize and some others. Diego is presenting now his new concert “ From the Classical to the Jazz”. It is a fusion between Jazz, Bossa nova and Classical music. Diego has an unique interpretation, with a lot of technique, much emotion, and his show has been a great sucsses about to the audience.

Hamilton de Holanda: Brazilian Bandolimist | June 14

Jun 1, 2017

Virtuosic, brilliant, and unique are just some of the adjectives used to describe Hamilton de Holanda. He sets world audiences ablaze with his custom made 10 string bandolim. He is known for his innovative mixture of jazz, samba, rock n’roll, choro and more. His phrasing, the extra strings and his powerful sound, combined with his speed and improvisations, are inspiring a new generation and a new sound.