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Dr. Greer's book review: Elmore Leonard's Westerns

Mar 11, 2014

The late Elmore Leonard was the real, honest-to-goodness deal, as versatile and as gifted a writer as the twentieth century ever saw.  Leonard wrote westerns and mysteries, thrillers, and to top it off,    high brow literary fiction, it seems, just to prove that a writer doesn't have to be shackled by academe.

Leonard's masterful short story anthology,  (what other name could the collection possibly have), is as good a short story collection as one will find, and a short story devotee's dream. 

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Jonny King’s Primer On Jazz–Part I

Jan 23, 2014

King, Jonny. What Jazz Is: An Insider’s Guide To Understanding and Listening To Jazz. Walker and Company. New York. 1997. 162 pages.

From Lettsworth to the Checkerboard

Jan 23, 2014

Guy, Buddy, with David Ritz. When I Left Home: My Story. Da Capo Press. 2012

Nightingales, Warblers, and Other Songbirds

Jan 23, 2014

Harrison, Daphne Duval. Black Pearls: Blues Queens of the 1920s. Rutgers University Press. 1988.

Songwriter Explores Inner Space

Jan 23, 2014

This book is not about the jazz/rock band Steely Dan. The author Donald Fagen is co-founder and tours with this legendary group, but in this tale he is on the road with the Dukes of September and writing a daily journal about his experiences. The journal is a long concluding chapter to this book.