Black American West Museum

10th Annual Dearfield Day | Sept 17

Sep 5, 2017
Courtesy of the City of Greeley Museums

Come with friends and family to spend an afternoon at the historic Dearfield Townsite, an African American farming community on the Great Plains. Participants should bring everything they need to enjoy the day – a picnic lunch, lawn chairs, games, water and shade.

Plan on history tours and watching cyclists on the Highway 34 route, as well as a leisurely gathering.   Join other fans of history for an informal fun day gathering at one of Colorado’s historical gems.

Black American West Museum

Feb 10, 2017

Black American West Museum
3091 California St
Denver CO 80205

Benefit:  BOGO - Buy one admission, get one free

Howdy! Welcome to the Black American West Museum! Founded in 1971 by Paul W. Stewart, the Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving and disseminating the contributions of Blacks in the Old West.

The Black American West Museum presents a Wild West Show, featuring Buffalo Soldiers and western show re-enactors, plus champion rider Tia Bell, dancing horses and more. It's Saturday, August 31, 2013 at Adams County Fairgrounds in Henderson, Colo.

Dr. Tony Young joined First Take to tell the story of the Buffalo Soldiers, and the role of black cowboys (and cowgirls) today. 

(music on this feature by Sonny Rollins, "I'm an old cowhand")