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Five Points Food, Wine & Jazz Fundraiser | Sept 27

Sep 18, 2017

Redline  hosts the Five Points Food, Wine & Jazz Fundraiser on Wednesday, September 27 - 5:30 to 8:30pm. The event celebrates the sophisticated history and dazzling future of the Welton Corridor. Listen to live music and indulge in culinary arts from Welton Corridor's finest restaurants. An evening filled with food, wine, and music! Admission is free.


Las (H)adas at Museo de las Americas

Sep 18, 2017

Las (H)adas, will feature site-specific installations by five Colorado Latina artists – Judy Miranda, Ana María Hernando, Jessica Luna (+), Arlette Lucero, and Meggan De Anza.

We’re Still Here: Johnny Cash’s Bitter Tears Revisited, based on director Antonino D’Ambrosio’s critically acclaimed book A Heartbeat and a Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears, tells the story of Cash’s little-known concept album and his unique collaboration with folk artist Peter LaFarge. The album was released in 1964 – four years before the American Indian Movement took over Alcatraz – when the nation was undergoing major social upheaval and civil rights protests.

Stories On Stage: A Little Help From My Friends | Sep 17

Sep 11, 2017

No matter how much things change, kindness and empathy never go out of style.

Kathy Brady, Gabriella Cavallero and John Jurcheck perform stories by:

Joe Donnelly "Bonus Baby" - A baseball player who's used to going it alone learns what being part of a team is really about.

Alan Gurganus "It Had Wings" - "What would you do if an angel crash-landed in your backyard?" (Story sponsored by Sandra & Jay Mesinger)

Sarah Turcotte "Scars" - Two very different sorts of people come together in an unexpected act of healing.

10th Annual Dearfield Day | Sept 17

Sep 5, 2017
Courtesy of the City of Greeley Museums

Come with friends and family to spend an afternoon at the historic Dearfield Townsite, an African American farming community on the Great Plains. Participants should bring everything they need to enjoy the day – a picnic lunch, lawn chairs, games, water and shade.

Plan on history tours and watching cyclists on the Highway 34 route, as well as a leisurely gathering.   Join other fans of history for an informal fun day gathering at one of Colorado’s historical gems.