Affordable Care Act

American wage-earners are supposed to have their W-2s and 1099s in hand now, but there are a few more government forms you might need.  Denver area CPA Lori Anderson visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" to decipher some of the new 2015 tax filing issues we might be facing.

A non-profit health care option: Co-op

Mar 28, 2014

This will be the last reminder you get from us (on the website anyway).  Monday, March 31 is the deadline to enroll for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.  A non-profit health insurance option is Colorado Health Co-op, which goes by the handy moniker

CEO of the young organization (founded in 2012) is Julia Hutchins, who joined KUVO's "First Take with Lando & Chavis" to describe the co-op structure.

With just days remaining in the open enrollment period for the state health exchange, Connect for Health Colorado has pulled out all the stops, staffing up their call center, and offering a full series of public meetings to sign up subscribers face-to-face.

On "First Take with Lando and Chavis," we did two interviews with Connect for Health Colorado staff, first with Ben Davis regarding technical aspects of the campaign, and with Linda Kanamine on the details of signing up in the final week.