The Working Musician as on-Air Host

Apr 25, 2014

KUVO/KVJZ is fortunate to have several volunteer on-air hosts who make their living as professional musicians.   These performers worked years developing a music product suitable to the tastes of demanding listeners. The performer’s peers are demanding of even higher standards, a level of respect to be met if the musician is to work in collaboration with these peers. The performing artist must learn to recognize quality in their own work; and,staying abreast of the innovative work of others enables the musician to identify the changes occurring in the larger art collective. Survival requires adaptation. Given these demands of the recording business, it would seem thatworking musicians are quite suited for building a playlist set of other people’s music in a radio studio, one that is pleasing to the radio listener.  Enjoy this series of profiles of KUVO hosts / musicians.

Here are the links to the first 2 profiles in the series: Andy O'Leary and  Janine Santana.