Voodoo Doughnuts Records: Jazz invited

Jan 16, 2014

Besides the HUGE grand opening of Voodoo Doughnut store #4 on East Colfax Ave. in Denver, owners Tres Shannon and Kenneth "Cat Daddy" Pogson have embarked on starting a record label as well.  The plan is to issue one 7-inch, 45 rpm disc (with the big hole in the middle - get it?) per month. Side A will be a song about doughnuts. Side B is up to the artist. They will produce one record a month, plus a bonus disc for a baker's dozen at the end of each year. One thousand copies of each disc will be pressed and distributed through their doughnut network. Shannon said most of their submissions have been punk rock, but he welcomes jazz and spoken word artists to submit tunes. The first track released is by The Doughnut Boys, "It ain't no cupcake (working' at Voodoo Doughnut)." Voodoo Doughnut recordings