Transit in Central Denver: Dist. 10's Jeanne Robb on First Take

Mar 14, 2014

Denver's District 10 Councilwoman Jeanne Robb visited 1st Take this morning to talk about some of the unique challenges and opportunities facing one of the city's oldest areas.  Chief among the issues is managing parking in an area where so many people live, shop, dine and celebrate.


"We've been able to some more parking spaces (along 13th  and 14th streets)," said the Councilwoman.  "It may have slowed you down a little bit."  For residents, she adds, "It's hard on the Hill.  if you have a permit, it's doesn't mean you're really going to find a (parking) place.  It means you have a hunting license."

Residential parking permit renewal begins April 1, said Robb.

In the interview Robb also discussed future mass transit options under review for her central Denver district which, she says, has among the fewest auto registrations in the city.

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