A Taste of Haiti, new on Welton Street

Apr 26, 2014

The Five Points neighborhood is buzzing about A Taste of Haiti.  Denver's newest Caribbean restaurant is located at 2622 Welton, formerly occupied by Coleman's Soul Food, and before that, Ethel's House of Soul.  Mathurin Innocent and his family run the new place.  They visited "First Take with Lando and Chavis" with a few samples.  Wife Vena Innocent and family friend Wickinson Jean-Pierre handled the interview.

Proprietors of A Taste of Haiti

  "This is the realization of a dream,"said Wickinson.  "We are happy to be the first Haitian restaurant in Denver."  They serve traditional soul food, some Jamaican curry-based dishes, and Haitian specialties including fried goat, and fried pork shoulder ("Griot").  Don't miss their amazing spicy cole slaw, called "pikliz."

Westword Magazine's story on A Taste of Haiti

Music on this feature is by Haitiando, "De Pti Pwason" and "Danse Haitiando" from their self-titled CD.