Student Artworks Encourage “Healing as One” on City Billboards

Jan 15, 2018

Students from Art Street (a program that uses creativity to help children break the cycle of poverty) are creating a series of billboards that will go up around the city of Denver entitled "Healing as One." Mayor Hancock unveiled the first billboard on Wednesday entitled “Better Together” at a parking lot on California and 21st in Downtown Denver, designed by 17-year-old Laura Carillo.  A few of the goals of this campaign are to heal as one in Denver, foster change, protest injustices, and create unity throughout the City and County of Denver. 

Laura Carillo, artist of Better Together
Credit photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil
Better Together Billboard created by Laura Carillo
Credit photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil
Mayor Hancock with Art Street Students
Credit photo courtesy of Mindi McNeil

I had a chance to interview Laura, Mayor Hancock, and Amy Banker of Art Street regarding what this means for Denver and how it’s helping our next generation. Four other billboards will be unveiled at different locations (West Colfax Avenue and Tennyson Street, East 29th Avenue and Downing Street, and West 11th Avenue and Federal Boulevard) throughout the city in the next few weeks.