Paul Robeson Goes on Singing: Aurora debut on stage

Feb 27, 2014

Paul Robeson. Artist, scholar, lawyer, linguist, humanist, revolutionary, Phi Beta Kappa, All-American - Rutgers Univ. 1919.  All that and more are played out on stage this weekend and next in the Aurora debut production of "I Go On Singing - Paul Robeson's Life in His Words & Songs," starring Anthony Brown.

Brown visited First Take with his impressions of the life and legacy of Paul Robeson, Brown says, "spoke up for, and identified with the common man."

The production, written by Andrew Flack and directed by donnie l. betts, is entirely composed of Robeson's own words.  (Three clips of Pete Seeger have been added to the production.)  It's on stage February 28 through March 9 at The Aurora Fox Arts Center.  (

The feature begins with Paul Robeson, "Roll Away Clouds," from the CD Rockin' Chair (part of the Hallmark / Robeson Collection), and ends with Rahsaan Roland Kirk's "Water for Robeson and Williams," from the anthology Does Your House Have Lions.