A party on wheels - Denver's pedal hopper

Aug 11, 2014

The crazy-looking contraption looks like hard work and lots of fun, all at the same time.  The "Pedal-Hopper" was founded in Denver by Luke Stone and some partners.  They have six "bar-cycles" in Denver, and they operate in Salt Lake City and Kansas City as well.

Credit www.facebook.com/pedal-hopper-denver

"It started off with a bet between two Dutch guys," as Stone tells the story.  The result: "a 10-16 person party bike that's propelled by its riders."  The "pilot" is responsible for steering and braking.  Pedalers (and free-loading passengers) are responsible to not be public intoxicated.  No drinking is allowed on the vehicle.  Other than that, a good time will surely be had by all!