Over A Lifetime, Art Is Where You Make It. Even A Hotel Lobby

May 8, 2014

Longtime Denver artist Jess DuBois has created an ad-hoc studio in the lobby of the Ramada Inn on East Colfax in Denver.  A charcoal pencil, an easel, and few clip lights.
Credit Carrie Saldo
 DuBois is in that lobby thanks to a burst water pipe. That and a subsequent mold problem pushed him out of his longtime studio in Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood. This is the third time in his near 60-year career pieces of his artwork have been destroyed by flooding. This time could prove the most devastating. DuBois’ life’s work – hundreds of pieces - paintings, prints, sculptures and more are all nestled inside of his Welton Street studio. Some works were immediately decimated by the water, mold may be causing others to deteriorate.
Credit Carrie Saldo
 He is undeterred by the adversity. “I continue to work,” DuBois said. “I try not to let anything stop me from creating.” It seems little has stopped him, even at 79-years-old DuBois estimates he creates three pieces of work a week.