November 2013 CD of the Month

Jan 23, 2014

7 On 7  "Back When It Was Fun"  Artist Alliance

Seven gifted musicians who have been playing together for nearly 10 years have recorded their debut album as a group; Back When It Was Fun as by 7 On 7 whose name goes beyond being a septet, All 7 members contributed a song apiece to their initial outing as well as joining forces to create their own label, Artist Alliance. 7 On 7 is an inspired session where the experience of having played together so often is reflected in the cohesiveness of the music.  

7 On 7 features a solid lineup of veterans with extensive individual résumés who also happen to be good friends. All of the players are educators, 4 of whom are part of the UNC-Greely Jazz Studies faculty, they are; Dana Landry-piano, Erik Applegate-bass, Jim White-drums and Steve Kovalcheck-guitar. The other band mates are, Clay Jenkins-trumpet, Don Aliquo-tenor saxophone and Paul McKee-trombone. When these musicians combine their skills, they create joyous, soulful and captivating music.


Back When It Was Fun will ensure you’ll have fun listening to it now, and in the future!