May 2013 CD of the Month

Jan 23, 2014

Emily Bear  Diversity  Qwest Records/Concord Music

Every generation produces child prodigies in various fields of endeavor, for music fans we are fortunate to have an 11 year old piano sensation Emily Bear release her first major label CD, Diversity, her previous 5 recordings have all been for charitable causes. For most, Diversity will serve as an introduction to Miss Bear who has been entertaining audiences on stage and TV since she was 5 years old. Music legend Quincy Jones has nurtured Emily for the past several years and produced Diversity on his own Qwest Records for Concord Music, a session that was conducted in the same Los Angeles Westlake Studio where Jones recorded his outstanding Back on the Block album as well as producing the mega-hit Bad by Michael Jackson, moreover Q personally selected the musicians to accompany Emily Bear. 

Diversity is a collection of various music forms that reflect the many splendored skills of this remarkable young pianist. There are classical music selections, jazz, Italian and Latin songs, all of which live up to the CD’s title. Emily was born in the summer of 2001 in Rockford, IL. Even as an infant she demonstrated interest in playing the piano and was able to sing back to her mother in perfect pitch the lullabies that were sung to her. Her story is truly amazing, learn more here. This is what Quincy Jones who has seen it all in his legendary career says about his protégée: “She’s the most delightful human being I’ve ever met in my life and her music is the same way. I am at once astounded and inspired by the enormous talent that Emily embodies. With the ability to seamlessly move from Classical to jazz and be-bop, she shows as much musical prowess as pianists/composers twice her age, and I am thrilled to be working with her. She’s astounding, man ... she’s astounding.”