Little Man Ice Cream, A Sweet Mission

Sep 25, 2013

Since opening in 2008, Little Man Ice Cream has served more than 824,000 scoops of ice cream. They are counting because for each scoop, they're buying a scoop of rice or beans for the developing world. The program is called "Scoop for Scoop."  

Reason #2 to like this place - they are housed in a 30-foot milk jug in Denver's Highlands neighborhood (2620 16th Street, on the west side of I-25, right under the big Olinger Mortuaries neon sign).


Reason #3 - the ice cream creations, and many are dairy free.

 General Manager Loren Martinez joined First Take with the "scoop" on the namesake (father of the owner, Peter Tamburello), and their mission ("the three Ps"), which goes way beyond ice cream.


(Music - George Lewis "Ice Cream")