Jason Mott's The Returned

Sep 13, 2013

Imagine what happens when people who died 50 years ago begin returning to life, showing up all over the world, appearing to be the same age they where when they departed. Jason Mott's first novel, The Returned, is 19th on the New York Times bestseller list this week.  

The tale (in the magical realism genre) was inspired by a dream Mott had of his late mother. Published by Harlequin's Mira imprint, the book has already been picked up by Brad Pitt's production company Plan B for a television series.


Jason Mott visited KUVO on his book tour through Denver. He discusses the plot, and larger issues of grief and faith, as well as how the government might try to manage a growing population of "returned" persons.

 Mott's original work The Returned is just the latest in a wave of just "dead-to-alive" stories in popular culture. According to a  French TV series "Les Revenants" was subtitled in English by England's Channel 4. And the show is being adapted for English audiences, to be called "They Came Back."  

The book's official web page is here.


The unofficial trailer to the TV series (in production, working title "Resurrection") is here.


(Music on this feature by Marcus Roberts, "A Prayer for Peace.")