Japanese Jazz at Auraria: Ai Kuwabara Trio Project

Nov 15, 2013

It's modern jazz, young, hip and adventurous, anchored by unshakeable tempo. The Ai Kuwabara Trio Project visits the Auraria campus in downtown Denver on Monday, November 18. (7:30 p.m. at the King Performing Arts Center) Free admission and free parking!  22-year old pianist Ai Kuwabara is accompanied by Yusuke Morita on bass and Shintaro Imamura on drums. KUVO jazz critic Norman Provizer calls their sound "interesting, engaging, exciting music. On the edge, just a touch."  Provizer's Golda Meir Center, the Department of Music at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Japanese Consulate in Denver are co-sponsoring the Denver stop on the young trio's American debut tour. Here's the link to details on the cultural exchange tour of the Ai Kuwabara Trio Project

(Music on this feature is from their CD Sixth Sense: "Lost 'Ability,'" "Intuition - your sixth sense," "Augury, Waves, Dive!")