How to drive a hybrid

Oct 21, 2013

I'll admit it, I was thrown off by the simplicity of the Lexus hybrid powertrain. The transition between the normal running engine and the silent electric motor was virtually unnoticeable.

 The mileage, as hard as I tried, wouldn't rise above 30 mph. What I couldn't see was the near zero emissions package. Puzzled by all this new-fangled hybrid technology, I called Chris Gunn, sales support manager for the Lexus Western Region.  In this interview, he explains the mileage, the transition between gasoline and electric driving, braking and emissions. I'm catching up fast, about 75 mph.  The answer to the question, how to drive it, is to just drive it. Here's the Lexus RX 450h spec page

(Music on this feature is Monty Alexander, "Confucius" from the CD Rocksteady.)